20 Life Hacks You Wish You Would Have Already Known About

Life Hacks

There are many items you probably already have lying around your home that can be used for different purposes other than the obvious choice. Have you ever thought of using a pair or kitchen tongs for squeezing lemons? Below, you will find many more awesome tips and tricks just like these. They will save you time, money and give you a chance to repurpose some of your everyday items.

  1. Use tongs to squeeze your lemons.
  2. To get rid of a stinky odor in a room, place a scented dryer sheet over your fan or a/c vents.
  3. For some quick temporary speakers, put your phone in an empty cup to help amplify its sound.
  4. Is your Nutella jar almost empty? Before you use up all the last gallops of it, try putting ice cream into the jar instead to create a delicious Nutella infused dessert.
  5. Relieve stress and anxiety quickly by practicing Viparita Karani pose. It’s also good for back pain and menstrual symptom relief.
  6. Use a rubber band in substitution of an eraser
  7. To prevent your charger wires from bending and (inevitably) breaking, take a string from a pen and put around the wire.
  8. Best painting tip ever. Place a rubber band around an open paint can to wipe your brush on, and keep paint off the side of the can.
  9. Wrap a bottle or beverage with some wet paper towels to help speed up the cooling process
  10. Have you ever run out of room on your kitchen counter while prepping to cook? Pull out a drawer and place the cutting board on it to create extra space.
  11. For a quick fix to a wrinkly shirt while you’re wearing it, pull the front of your shirt out and blow dry it for a few seconds
  12. Cut open toilet paper rolls and use as a cuff to save your wrapping paper and keep it from unrolling.
  13. Spread beeswax all over your shoes to turn them waterproof.
  14. To help organize your keys, use nail polishes to paint each key a different color.
  15. To avoid having a wet trash bag, place newspapers at the bottom of your trash can so that it’ll soak up any leftover food juices.
  16. To help create a super strong password nobody will be able to guess, use an accented letter.
  17. Dunk your cookies with a fork to keep your fingers from touching the milk.
  18. To find small that you’ve lost like an earing or a charm, cover the end of a vacuum cleaner with stocking.
  19. A messy breakfast cooker? Here’s one for you – try putting pancake mix into an empty ketchup bottle to help make more efficient pancakes in a cleaner kitchen.
  20. To avoid having your boiling pot of water from boiling over, place a big wooden spoon on top of the pot.

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