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Include Chia Seeds

Include Chia Seeds in Your Diet and This is What is Going to Happen! It’s Impressive!

According to studies, chia has high levels of calcium, protein, fiber and omega 3. Despite being fashionable today, chia was already consumed hundreds of years ago by Mayan and Aztec civilizations. For them, this food was dietary As the main properties, the seeds of chia are very healthy, since they do not contain gluten and are rich in omega 3,…

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Homemade Salt

This Homemade Salt Makes Your Food Tastier and Avoids the Risk of High Blood Pressure and Stroke!

We have all heard this warning: consuming too much salt can bring harm to our health. In addition to the dreaded high blood pressure, salt is also directly linked to other problems such as fluid retention, increased risk of stroke, kidney and heart failure, osteoporosis, kidney stones and even stomach cancer. But eating food without salt seems like a real…

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