Daily Archives : June 8, 2017


5 Foods That go Directly to Your Hips – You Have to Stop Eating Them!

  Beyond aesthetics, fat accumulated in the hips can increase the risk of circulatory problems in the legs. This distribution and accumulation of fat in the body depends on food, gender and hormone levels and can happen at any moment. When you eat a large meal, the fat enters the bloodstream almost immediately, about an hour later the fat is…

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Cryoablation – A Promising New Option for Breast Cancer Treatment!

Talking about cryoablation and the idea of ​​”freezing” a tumor to end its cancerous activity may seem like something that happens only in science fiction films. However, the results that are currently being obtained give us hope and are positive. Surgical intervention is more accurate, and the patient’s life expectancy increases. It is a new perspective within the medical field…

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