5 Warning Signs of Breast Cancer That Many Women Ignore!


It is estimated that there will be 246,660 new cases of breast cancer in the US in 2016, according to the American Cancer Society. And, this year alone, 40,450 women will die from breast cancer. These are frightening statistics when you consider that 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer in their lifetime.

The key to curing breast cancer is early detection. The survival rate for women with stage 0 – 1 breast cancer is 100%! So, it is incredibly important to catch it in it’s early stages. Unfortunately, however, there are early warning signs of breast cancer that most women just shrug off. Below are 5 early warning signs that should not be ignored!

  1. Fatigue

Unusual fatigue is the most common early warning sign of breast cancer that can manifest before any other and long before diagnosis. Because most women are juggling career, kids, husband and home, it’s easy to see why this sign would be ignored as just a result of a busy lifestyle. But, if you are experiencing fatigue that is not alleviated by any amount of sleep and/or accompanied by pain, depression or difficulty sleeping, seek medical attention.

  1. Bladder changes

Breast cancer causes hormonal changes in the body that can result in loss of bladder control known as incontinence. Common signs of incontinence are leaking urine when you laugh, cough, exercise or sneeze. It can also cause an urgent, sudden need to urinate.

  1. A persistent hoarse throat or cough

Cancer that begins in one area of the body is known as primary cancer. Sometimes, cells from the primary cancer can break off and cause a secondary cancer in another area of the body. Breast cancer in 60 – 70 percent of cases can spread to the lungs, causing a cough and hoarse throat that won’t go away. Most often it manifests as a dry cough and shortness of breath.

  1. Back pain that can’t be explained

Back pain is so common that 8 in 10 people will experience it in their lifetime. So, it’s easy to see why it would be ignored as a warning sign of breast cancer. However, back pain that is associated with breast cancer feels like a pain in the upper back that is so deep that it feels like it’s coming from the bone. It can also feel like a pressure on the spine and ribs.

  1. Change in an existing mole or a new mole

Since moles are more commonly associated with skin cancer, they can be overlooked as a sign of breast cancer. But a study found that women who have a lot of moles have a greater risk of breast cancer than those who did not have a lot of moles. Seek medical attention if you notice a new mole suddenly appear or if there is a change in an existing mole.

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