Burn Fat Like Never Before With This Coconut Cluster Recipe

Coconut Cluster Recipe

There are not many foods that have all the health benefits and popularity of coconut. In the last couple of years, people have started to discover the many benefits of using coconut oil in cooking, in oil pulling, and on their skin. If you want to treat yourself without ruining your diet, try these tasty coconut treats.

Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil

  • Fat Loss

Many scientific studies have shown that this powerful significantly reduces abdominal fat

  • Boosts Your Energy Usage

By consuming one coconut per day you can improve your energy consumption. This will accelerate the process of burning the fat.

  • Lowers Blood Sugar

The latest research has proved that coconut oil protects from cardiovascular diseases and reduces cholesterol levels.

  • Minimizes Hunger

The large amounts of fatty acids in coconut oil make you feel full longer and suppress appetite.

  • Fatty Acids

This Oil is full of fatty acids which prevent the incidence of mental degeneration – it actually improves your mental health.

Coconut Cluster Recipe

The following coconut cluster recipe is one of the best ways to include the coconut in your daily diet.  The best thing is that you are likely to already have the necessary ingredients and moreover, the preparation is very simple and it takes only couple of minutes.


  • 1 cup of chia seeds
  • 2 cups of coconut oil
  • 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract


As mentioned above, the preparation is super easy and simple. Just pour all the ingredients on a medium-sized bowl and stir well. The ingredients should be well mixed and the resulting mixture should be smooth.

Transfer the mixture into candy molds or cupcake liners. Keep refrigerated for couple of hours and eat them once they are hardened enough.

To sum up, coconut is one of the foods that deserve a significant place in any healthy place. Try the tasty coconut clusters and start improving your diet right away.

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