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Brittle Nails

If You’re Losing Hair And Have Brittle Nails, This Is What You’re Missing

It may interest you to know that adrenal gland issues can affect the health of your hair, nails and even your sleep quality. Your adrenal glands are located on the top part of your kidneys and they are endocrine glands. These glands are responsible for the release of several hormones, such as steroids and adrenaline. The importance of these hormones…

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Eliminate Gout, Varicose Veins

How to Make Alcohol Rosemary and Eliminate Gout, Varicose Veins, Muscle Ache and Cellulite

Cellulite is, unfortunately, a common issue, and women are more prone to it, with even 90 percent of those over 18 suffering from it. It consists of cellular waste, fat, and water, and mostly appears on the hips and thighs. It creates numerous ripples ad bumps on the skin. The most common causes of cellulite are fatty, processed, and fried…

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This is What Happens to Eczema and Age Spots When You Put Apple Cider Vinegar on Your Face

The apple vinegar gives us, a much finer skin, relieves dryness and itching, controls acne. All this in a simple and affordable product, but with great benefits. Apple cider vinegar is also one of the best cleansers for the face. It has properties that manage to balance the pH of the skin by cleaning it in depth. It is a…

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This Happens If You Dip Your Feet in Vinegar One Night a Week!!

Apple cider vinegar is an oriental product with great benefits and uses. Not only culinary but also medicinal, the origin of this product is completely natural and is achieved through a process of fermentation of sugars from fresh and ripe apple. Apple cider vinegar, in addition to its very characteristic aroma, has substances that are biologically active, with which it…

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Lashes Longer

Make Your Lashes Longer in a Week With These Easy Tricks

Lashes can stop growing for many reasons, ranging from vitamin deficiencies to hormonal problems. Abuse of cosmetic products can adversely affect the growth of lashes. Here we suggest 6 natural remedies to grow back eyelashes quickly Essential oils Lavender, rose and lemon are particularly effective in stimulating re-growth of the eyelashes. Apply directly on them, helping with a cotton swab.…

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Smell Bad

Take This in the Morning and You Won’t Smell Bad When You Sweat and You Won’t Have Bad Breath!

Health is wealth – a lifestyle that is healthy can require a lot of time and money. Products that are healthy are usually expensive and not always we can buy them, so instead, we reach for processed food, which is usually much cheaper. One of the many disadvantages that junk foods often have is that it produces bad breath. Have…

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Get Rid of Those Ugly Dark Spots (Hyper-Pigmentation) in Just 3 Days!

Are you noticing small dark spots on the skin but have no clue where they came from? Well, this might mean many things. Dark spots or hyper-pigmentation is caused by various factors such as overexposure to the sun, hormonal imbalance, post-inflammatory scars of acne and pimples, skin aging and liver damage. Although hyper-pigmentation doesn’t pose any potential threat to the…

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