The Color and Texture of Earwax Reveals a Lot About Your Health! What’s Your Color?


Like most body fluids, earwax is rarely a subject of conversation. But the fact is that this sticky substance is actually very important to our body and can tell us a lot about our health.

What many people do not know is that ear wax is not just some kind of garbage accumulated in your ear. In fact, it is created by our body to prevent bacteria from entering our ear canal, so this sticky paste keeps our ears clean, healthy and working.

Here are some examples of different wax colors and what they mean for your health.

  1. Yellow, wet and sticky

This is the most common type of earwax. The wet and sticky texture helps prevent the ear canal from drying out.

  1. Gray

Gray wax may seem unusual, but if you see this type of wax on your cotton swab, you don’t need to worry. The gray color is usually just a result of the natural process of cleaning the ear.

  1. Pale yellow

This is the most common color in children. Children tend to produce much more wax than adults, but this production gradually diminishes as they grow.

  1. Sticky and dark

The wax that is darker indicates that the body is perspiring more than normal. The darker the wax, the greater the likelihood that extra sweat will cause a stronger body odor.

  1. Dark and thick

Anxiety and stress can cause our body to produce more wax. Too much sweat can also cause this increase, which can clog the ear canal and cause temporary deafness.

  1. Dry, white and flaky

This type of wax is perfectly normal and healthy. People who produce this type of wax more often have less body odor than people who produce dark wax.

  1. Black or dark brown

Dark brown or even black tone wax may seem quite scary, but the good news is there’s no reason to worry. The dark color may only be the result of overproduction of wax (such as happens when we are stressed). This may also mean that the wax has only been inside the ear for longer. When it is removed, contact with oxygen leaves it with a darker color.

  1. Wet and dripping from ear

It is normal for wax to trickle through your ear from time to time, this is only part of the natural cleaning process. But when the wax begins to come out in great quantity and contains pus or blood, this is a sure sign that you have the perforated eardrum. In this case, seek medical help immediately.

  1. Bloody wax

Sometimes old wax may carry with it some dried blood. If you notice this, go to a doctor, as that may mean you have a perforated eardrum.

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