Easy Eyeliner Tutorial for Beginners

Easy Eyeliner Tutorial

Everyone wants to know how to apply beautiful eyeliner, and today you can learn how to apply it the easy way, so it will be as perfect as you want it to be.

Here is step by step tutorial and be careful not to skip any of them, otherwise you might end up with ruined eyeliner design. Here we go:

  • Step 1

The first and the most important is to prepare your lids with primer. The skin on your lids produces oils, also it is very thin and it needs a constant moisturizing, because it protects the eyes and the skin must be elastic. So if you use make up often be sure to apply primer to your lids and keep their elasticity.

So obviously the first step requires makeup primer. This product protects the lids from getting dry and at the same time it protects the makeup from falling off.

  • Step 2

Once the lids are prepared, you should create a stencil for the flick of the eyeliner. You can do it with tape strips. Before sticking the strip under the eye, stick it on the back of your hand in order to remove some of the glue, which might harm the delicate skin around the eyes if the glue is too strong.

  • Step 3

Then, you will need a liquid eyeliner, a drawing brush and a calm hand. First, you will have to trace the lash line with the black color, breathe slowly and follow that line without pressing the skin too hard.

Let the brush just slide on the skin. The line will guide you.

  • Step 4

Then, draw the flick at the outer corner of the eye. Don’t worry, the tape strip will help you create a straight flick. Once you are done with the eyeliner remove the tape, and wipe any excess liner with cotton swab (if there is any).

  • Step 5

Then, fill in the top rim with black color in order to create an effect of thicker eyelashes.

  • Step 6

Finish the look with a coat of mascara.


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