Enjoy the Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice: Why Egyptians Called It The Plant of Immortality!

Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera is very popular natural remedy for mouth diseases, osteoarthritis, fever, asthma. Additionally, this herb is considered to be natural cosmetic product.

It is used to treat skin burns, infections and wounds. Its function is to reduce the inflammation of the skin, itching and redness. This herb is one of the most commonly used herbs on earth.

Aloe vera contains over 200 biologically active, naturally occurring constituents which include glycoprotein, polysaccharides, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, and minerals that promote nutrient absorption.

The glycoprotein blocks pain and reduces inflammation, while the polysaccharides is accelerating the renewal of the skin and makes it hydrated.

This herb can also be used to treat psoriasis, cancer, ulcers, infections of the upper respiratory tract, reduce high cholesterol and high blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes.

  • Disinfectant

-Thanks to its antibacterial ability, Aloe Vera is ideal for use in case of infected cuts. It has soothing properties and accelerates the healing process.

  • Whitens teeth

Aloe Vera is ideal for whitening teeth. The latest research has shown that aloe vera extract can be used as hygiene product for the teeth.

  • Dry skin

When it comes to care for dry skin, aloe vera is the safest and most effective way. Although it gives the skin a hydration also helps in the fight against acne.

  • Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar

Some research suggest that aloe vera reduces cholesterol and has a positive effect on the levels of blood sugar, which means that can be useful for treating diabetes and obesity. Diabetics should drink two tablespoons of aloe vera juice daily because it may decrease blood sugar.

  • Hair growth

Full of vitamins and natural enzymes that can directly promote hair health.

This is how you can make aloe vera gel


  • Aloe leaf
  • Optional: 500mg powdered Vitamin C or 400 IU vitamin E (for every 1/4 cup of gel)


  1. Wash your hands.

It’s important to start with clean hands and use clean tools to make sure the gel doesn’t get contaminated.

  1. Slice off an outer leaf of an aloe plant.

The outer leaves are more likely to be mature. They’ll contain plenty of fresh, healthy gel. Look for leaves around the outside of the plant, with bases growing close to the ground. Use a sharp knife to make a clean cut near the base.

  1. Drain the resin for 10 minutes.

Place the leaves upright in a cup to let the dark yellow resin drain out. The resin contains latex, which can be slightly irritating to skin. It’s best to drain it out so it won’t get into your gel.

  1. Peel the leaves.

Use a vegetable peeler to carefully peel away the green portion of the leaves.[1] Be sure to cut through the inner white layer to the gel underneath. Peel off all of the skin on one side of each leaf, leaving a canoe-shaped half filled with gel.

  1. Scoop the gel out with a spoon or knife.

The clear, soft gel is easily scoopable. Scoop it all out into a clean bowl until there’s nothing left in the leaf half.

  1. Consider mixing the gel with a natural preservative.

If you have a lot of gel and you want it to keep for a month or two, mix in 500mg powdered Vitamin C or 400 IU vitamin E for every 1/4 cup of gel you have. Place the ingredients together in a blender and blend well. The gel will look foamy at first.

  1. Place the gel in a sterilized, clean glass jar.

If you used the preservative, the gel will keep for several months in the refrigerator. Without it, it will keep for a week or two.


Apply it to sunburns or other minor, surface burns. Aloe can also be used as a skin moisturizer or an ingredient in homemade body products.

Never use aloe vera gel on deep cuts or blistered skin. It should only be used on surface skin irritation, since it can prevent deep cuts from healing properly.

Try blending 1/2 cup aloe with 1/4 cup melted coconut oil to make a healing, moisturizing massage lotion.

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