Do You Ignore These 5 Warning Signs in Your Body? They Can be Symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer

The pancreas secretes hormones and enzymes to digest our fats. One of those hormones is insulin, which prompts the body to use sugar in the blood rather than fat as energy. Its levels are low in diabetic patients, who suffer from abnormally high blood sugar.

Only one fifth of Americans diagnosed with pancreatic cancer survive for a full year, according to the American Cancer Society, and it is the fourth leading cause of cancer death in the country.

Pancreatic cancer is a type of malignant tumor that usually does not present symptoms in advance, which means that when it is discovered it may have spread in such a way that the chances of cure are greatly reduced.

The symptoms of pancreatic cancer are:

  1. Fever
  2. Unexplained weight loss.
  3. Jaundice caused by obstruction of the common bile duct, accompanied by itching throughout the body.
  4. The yellow color not only affects the skin, but also the eyes and other tissues.
  5. Pain, which is usually of medium intensity, and is located in the upper abdomen and affects the tissues and back.

Pancreatic cancer usually exhibits symptoms that are often related to the involvement of other organs such as the liver and other tissues of the nervous system.

Pancreatic cancer has no cure, early diagnosis is very important so that the person can undergo appropriate treatment, but the difficult thing is to be able to detect it in time, especially taking into account the location of this organ. However the most effective tests to confirm the diagnosis are computed tomography (CT) and endoscopic retrograde pancreatography showing the structure of the pancreatic duct, or a biopsy of the pancreas.

Form of treatment for pancreatic cancer are radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Some cases may benefit from the removal of diseased parts of the pancreas through surgery. The treatment is usually long and may be other complications, such as metastases or other areas of the body.

Do not forget to share this interesting information, remember that many people are suffering from this disease for not paying attention to these symptoms.



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