Increase Curves Naturally With This Amazing Seed – Increased Breast Size and Bigger Bum

Increase Curves Naturally

Some measures of the female body are important, not only by a standard or social perception, but for them, it is important that certain parts of the body fulfill a considerable size to feel comfortable with their body.

This may happen due to the fact that a woman’s attractiveness is considered in her curves, and the main areas where they are formed are the breasts and the hips or buttocks, this way the female body ends up being like a hourglass, and a thin waist that contrasts with the size of the other two areas.

There are women who are born lucky enough to have this type of genetics that gives them this hourglass form, however, there is a large part of the female population that is not satisfied with the size of their breasts or buttocks.

With this seed you can increase the size of your bust and your buttocks naturally

Having a voluptuous body that attracts attention and looks very attractive is the dream of many women, sometimes the exercise helps but not in the way that you want, i.e. exercise can help you get a nice body, but when it comes to increasing breast size, you can’t do much about it.

That is why many women tend to undergo cosmetic surgery, as it is the most direct way to increase the size of the breast or buttocks. But in this case you will not have to think about that option, since we will tell you the natural way to make these areas grow, all you need is:


  • Fenugreek seeds (two tablespoons).
  • Honey (½ tablespoon).
  • Lemon juice (½ tablespoon).
  • Mineral water (1 cup).

Preparation and use:

Crush the seeds with a hard object, you can also get them already crushed in a store. Then, boil the water, when it is bubbly add the two tablespoons of the seeds, and cook for fifteen minutes. When it cools down add the lemon juice and honey.

Take this mixture half an hour before breakfast, on an empty stomach. Drink this daily and you can start to take advantage of its effect.

Remember to supplement the treatment with exercise and thus the results will be more remarkable.

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