Keep Your Skin Free of Stretch Marks and Wrinkles with These 2 Ingredients! You Will be Amazed by The Results!

stretch marks wrinkles

Beauty – for some women and men is one of the highest standards of social, economic and even political acceptance and in the last few years being beautiful has become something superficial. Starting with the purchase of cosmetics, many women can be on the verge of spending huge sums of money for beauty products.

A lot of women want to look beautiful and without a trace of “old age” and are undergoing different surgeries and buying expensive creams and lotions.

Instead of throwing money away you should try and use natural and homemade remedies for beauty, I bet you already have the in your kitchen and you can try this homemade mask today.

Mask to remove wrinkles from the skin:


  • Half cup of yogurt
  • Two tablespoons lemon juice

Preparation of the mask:

Mix the yogurt and the lemon juice until you get a homogenous mixture.


The mask should be applied evenly on the skin, kept for approximately thirty minutes and then rinsed with plenty of water. Repeat the process several times in the week.

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Potatoes for Stretch Marks

  1. Make Potato Juice. Crush one whole potato and extract its juice. Use the juice and a slice of potato to apply on the affected skin.
  2. Apply on Skin. Use cotton to repeatedly apply the potato juice, or a slice of potato on the skin.
  3. Leave on for 15mins & Rinse. Allow the skin to fully absorb the nutrients from the potato to help in the healing process. Rinse the skin with lukewarm water afterwards.

Potatoes contain naturally occurring enzymes which help to exfoliate the skin, allowing for better absorption of the nutrients needed for the skin’s good health. The high mineral content of potatoes stimulates collagen, and promotes the synthesis of elastin and essential cell production for a youthful and supple skin.

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