The Medicine For Problematic Skin – FOOD


Once anybody has problems with their skin, they tend to get down because of it. We take care of our skin numerous ways. And that is great. Cosmetic products can be very beneficial for the skin. But in the same time they could irritate. And taking pills is also something that could be beneficial. But not so good for the total health.

It turns out that the best medicine for our skin, especially if it is problematic, is the food we eat. That’s right. There could be many things that irritate it and at the same way foods that help you to get the glowing skin you have always wanted. So instead of wondering what to do, read along.

Let’s go to the fridge. Know that there will be things you need to throw out of it, if you want to take good care of yourself. Anything with too much oil and fat must go. The same thing applies for sugar and alcohol. Of course you can have a glass of wine from time to time or a Friday night cocktail. And a piece of chocolate won’t kill you, but just don’t include those things in your diet on a daily basis.

The good health of the skin could be better provided by Vitamin A and D. If your skin is dried out and cracked you probably have Vitamin A deficiency. This is the thing that helps your skin to recover from the sun and from everything outside of our bodies. There is only one thing that could really provide you with that vitamin – the love of a cod fish. As a whole the cod fish could be beneficial, but the liver is the best thing for your skin. It also contains vitamin D and Omega-3. All beneficial for the skin.

Vitamin D is the only thing that can kill the viruses trying to attack your skin. This will prevent from getting dermatological skin illnesses or at least will improve your chances not to get one. Also, if you already suffer, this could be the thing that helps you way more than any medicine. So where to find the vitamin D? You could eat the Japanese maytake mushrooms. Also white fish or carp fish.

The best antioxidant for your skin is Vitamin E. It helps you to throw out all the toxic stuff that is around us all the time. Almonds are something very delicious. And you could have it as a small snack through the day. They will give you the vitamin E you need. The same thing applies for tomatoes and walnuts.

Another vitamin your skin can benefit from being the B5 and B12. Let’s not forget vitamin C. The first two can be provided by an often intake of meat (white meat), seafood (all types). And as for the vitamin C you need citrus fruits and peppers. All this could be easily incorporated in your diet. They are not high in fat, especially if you prepare them in a healthy way.

Not only the vitamins are good and helpful for our skin. Minerals could also be beneficial. Magnesium is one of those things we always forget we need. But we do! Magnesium will help you prevent yourself from allergies. And those are not our friend. So in order to feel good – eat raw nuts (almonds, walnuts, cashew, etc.) and wholegrain bread (or anything else that is whole grain).

Although people tend to waste thousands of dollars on beauty products the truth is that everything comes first from within, rather than from anything else. And keeping a healthy diet is not that tough (as you just read what to eat). Other things that could easily be incorporated in your meals and are delicious are eggs and dairy. Just don’t eat too much of it and you will be okay. Take good care of yourself and you will notice the difference soon enough.


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