One of the Most Effective Recipes for Fast Weight Loss and Liver Detox

Fast Weight Loss

This natural remedy has proved highly beneficial against water retention as well helping many women to reduce their waistline in less than a month.

Due to its medicinal properties and unique taste, horseradish is one of the most important plants used in herbal medicine.

Horseradish is a powerful plant that has many health benefits, including its ability to help weight loss, blood pressure, relieve respiratory problems, strengthen bones, strengthen the immune system health, promote healthy digestion. It contains compounds that increase the liver’s ability to detoxify carcinogens.

Horseradish improves digestive function by stimulating the secretion of gastric and intestinal juices, bile and pancreatic enzymes. Because of its antibiotic properties, it can also be used to treat urinary tract infections and destroy bacteria in the throat that can cause bronchitis, coughing and related problems. Has high sulfur content so is considered a good food for the liver.

While low in calories and fat, horseradish is rich in dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. It even contains some essential minerals including manganese, iron, copper, sodium, potassium, magnesium and zinc. Among other health benefits, horseradish also has anti-inflammatory, diuretic and nerve-soothing properties.

It is also known that horseradish roots contain high amounts of glucosinolates that can help reduce the risk of cancer.

This recipe can help remove excess fat and body water.

A revolutionary spicy radish recipe for liver detoxification and rapid weight loss


  • 1 horseradish root
  • 1 organic lemon
  • 2/3 cup raw honey


  1. Peel and dice the root of horseradish. Put it in the food processor and mix.
  2. Chop one lemon into cubes (remove seeds). Add to the mixture of horseradish and blend all together.
  3. Add the honey and mix.


Consume one teaspoon twice a day with meals. With proper diet and exercise, you could see the results after 3 weeks.

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