Pour White Vinegar Inside The Toilet Tank. When You Flush? This is Brilliant!

Toilet Tank

We must always keep the house clean, but many times it is almost impossible to keep clean every corner of our home. Most of us dread having to clean our bathrooms, because It’s one of the dirtiest rooms in your home.

When it comes down to it, we have no choice, and shortcuts are always welcome! Search no further, Household Hacker is here to save the day, and save you time. Whether it’s using tea in an unusual way, or utilizing environmentally friendly white vinegar, these tips will keep your carbon footprint low.

The next time you clean your toilet, use vinegar, but not just any form of vinegar, use organic vinegar. Going organic is an eco-friendly way to clean your bowl, killing bacteria, germs, mold, and line deposit.

One of the nastier, if not the most unpleasant part of the toilet, is the upper bowl. Commence the cleaning by pouring a significant amount of organic vinegar into the top bowl, and clean the rim of the toilet with it as well. Going organic is more natural and makes cleaning more efficient.

This is a unique strategy, but soak up some pieces of toilet paper with vinegar, and stuff it on the inside rim of the toilet. The inside rim is one of the most commonly missed areas in toilet cleaning. While you wait for the material to settle, pour some vinegar into the toilet, and scrub it with your toilet brush. Once completed, remove the toilet paper, and clean the remains with an old toothbrush. Flush the toilet, and you are done!

The toilet will look so clean; you could lick ice cream off the top rim, and go for seconds.

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