She Put A Pill Of Aspirin In A Washing Machine. When I Saw The Result, I Started To Do So Too!


Today we will present a home and easy trick to perform, with which you’ll leave your clothes looking like new in no time. Clothes become grayer with each washing. As a result, there is a secret weapon in your medicine cabinet that helps eliminate this problem.

You must take five aspirin tablets 325mg, throw it in the washer and let it dissolve in 2 liters of hot water. You can also break the tablets to dissolve faster.

Now put your greyish clothes in the solution and soak for 8 hours, or just overnight. Make sure all clothes are completely immersed in water. Alternatively, you can also choose to throw the aspirin tablets in the washing machine, but allowing to dissolve first is a better tactic.

After 8 hours or remove clothes to dry, or if you prefer, run it through a normal cycle of the washing machine.

Aspirin doesn’t spoil fiber but perfectly removes dirtiness. This is an ideal replacement for expensive and harmful bleachers!

Besides fighting grayness, aspirin also works to help remove stains!

If you want to remove the bloodstains, however, it is necessary that you first dissolve the aspirin in cold water before soaking the affected items for 2 hours. Do not attempt to remove blood stains with warm water. The warm causes the protein in the blood to stick together, thus making it even more difficult to remove the stain.

Aspirin contains a weak acid that creates great effects. No need to buy expensive special cleaning products if you have a couple of pills in your medicine cabinet!

It often happens so that after repeating washings or because of low quality water white clothes lose their snow-white tint. Especially complex task is to remove spots from white clothes without spoiling the fiber. This simple method will help you to deal with such problems and return your things perfect color and condition!



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