This Is What The Shape of Your Booty Says About Your Health


Undoubtedly, the human body is one of the greatest mysteries within the very existence. Did you know that our body is filled signals that give us a lot of accurate information about our health and personality? The shape of you booty say about your health, and you can read it below.

There is a lot of data in your body that can tell you about your personality and your way of being; The way you walk, your gaze, the way you squeeze your fist, etc. Today we will talk specifically about what the shape of your buttocks says about your health.

What your buttocks say about your health.

  1. V-shaped:

The buttocks in the form of “v”, indicate a low production of estrogen in our body. To regulate estrogen production, it is important to eat a healthy diet, free of alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes.

  1. In the form of a square:

Although this form of buttocks is more common in men than in women, it also usually occurs in women. If you are a woman and your buttocks take this form, and you also feel frequent feelings of nausea and fatigue, you are probably suffering from nutritional deficiencies that can lead to diseases such as anemia and you should consult your doctor immediately.

  1. Circular form:

Round booty indicate a very good health, since the fat of the body is distributed in a better way. Even so, always take care of your food and lifestyle.

  1. In the form of an inverted heart:

The buttocks in the shape of a pear or inverted heart indicate that body fat is mostly lodged in the hips, indicating some health problems like cholesterol and high triglycerides.

Beyond this information, it is not necessary for you to be too alert for their shape. Even so, it is important that you always control your overall health and maintain a healthy lifestyle, consisting of a good diet, frequent exercise and abundant water consumption.

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