That Stringy Thing In Egg Yolks Is More Important Than You Think And Most People Have No Idea.

Egg Yolks

One of the food which has benefited mankind the most is the egg, it is so easy to prepare, it’s easily combined with different foods, whether in the home kitchen or a kitchen of a restaurant, it is very delicious, and we all know the yolk and white are beneficial to our health.

No matter how we cook the egg, boiled, fried, beaten, baked, eating eggs daily is good for everyone.

Years ago, there was a jingle that went ‘The incredible edible egg.’ It was a television ad informing us about some health benefits of eggs. They are healthy. Eggs contain protein, Omega-3 fatty acids, they may reduce your risk of stroke, and with a side of bacon – YUM! One surprising thing eggs also have is something called a chalaza.

Yes, a chalaza. You have no doubt seen a chalaza but didn’t know what it was or that it had its own special name.

The chalaza is the white stringy stuff you see attached to the egg yolk, there is one on each side of the yolk. It is best seen before you cook the egg.


This viscous fiber chalaza and points very beneficial things for us.

It indicates that the egg is fresh and it is safe for our health. The chalaza is found on either side of the yolk and helps keep the yolk centered in the egg and connect with the egg shell.

The eggs have an expiration date, so if you do not find chalaza in your egg it may mean that the egg isn’t fresh. If you can’t see them at all it that means the egg will soon be rotten, and you probably shouldn’t eat it.

Now that you know what it is this fiber, remember to look for the chalaza the next time you are making an omelet!


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