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Intestinal Health

7 Foods That are Bad for Your Intestinal Health

Intestinal health is of utmost importance to the general well-being of the organism, because the intestines are responsible for absorption of nutrients. They inhabit millions of bacteria that, contrary to what some think, are necessary for a good digestive process, since they are in charge of decomposing some substances that the body can not digest by itself. The problem is…

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You Will Be Amazed What Will Come Out Of Your Intestines! Eat This Meal For Dinner 3 Days!

This food will clean the stool and the intestines, reduce the weight, as well as regulate the acidity of the stomach. The main components of this “Vitamin salad” which enrich the body with minerals and vitamins, is loaded with fiber and pectin. As a result, this healthy portion of food will contribute to effectively clean the intestines. Consequently, due to…

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