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Combat Insomnia, High Blood Pressure

This Leaf is a Blessing From Nature: Combat Insomnia, High Blood Pressure, Sugar and Fat in The Blood

Laurel properties are not used only in the culinary world to flavor our meals. It is also used as a key ingredient in Natural Medicine, for the treatment of numerous conditions. Benefits and uses of laurel leaf: The laurel, whose scientific name is “Laurus nobilis” is a leafy tree that grows in humid and fresh climates. Originally from the Mediterranean,…

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Lose 8 Inches Off Waist

Three Cups of This Tea Daily – And You Will Lose 8 Inches Off Your Waist

One of the most effective combinations of ingredients that stimulate weight loss is green tea with cinnamon and laurel leaves. This recipe is the perfect tool to increase your metabolism and improve your digestive function, all of which is a result of aromatic ingredients that melt pounds away. Cinnamon tea for weight loss Ingredients: 800 ml of water, 1 tablespoon…

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Get Rid of Bunions Naturally With This Simple but Powerful Remedy

Bunions are salt deposits caused by flu, tonsillitis, gout, poor metabolism, poor diet, rheumatic infections, and uncomfortable shoes. They really affect everyday life – many are not able to find an appropriate footwear, it’s very frustrating, not to mention the unattractive appearance. Method: Pour 10 oz / 300 ml of water across a tablespoon of crushed laurel (bay) leaves. It…

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reduce belly fat

Reduce 7 Centimeters of Belly Fat With This Tea of 2 Ingredients!

Cinnamon and laurel tea is one of those teas that are used in various parts for weight loss. Apparently, the properties of both aromatic species would work very well on the digestive system, helping to slim those extra kilos quickly. Ingredients A liter of water A cinnamon stick Five laurel leaves Preparation To prepare this simple tea or infusion of cinnamon…

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The Miracle Remedy For Many Diseases. The Amazing Properties of Laurel Oil

Laurel leaf – favorite spice to many people that has a deserved place of honor in our kitchens. But few of us know that the leaves of this evergreen Mediterranean tree can be used not only for cooking. From these leaves you can prepare medicinal oil that has miraculous properties. Today we will tell you something about the characteristics of…

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